Each wedding is as unique as the couple involved. That’s why, as a celebrant, I offer a range of services for the ceremony and personalisation options, as well as a number of services leading up to the wedding.


Each ceremony is designed and created based on the couple’s preferences. My passion is to craft a ceremony that captures the essence of who you are as a couple, honouring your beliefs and backgrounds while highlighting your unique love story.

Most of my ceremonies are non-denominational with touches of cultural elements such as a hand-fasting ceremony, Irish Blessing, coin exchange, lighting of candles, or flower ceremony and many more.

I am here provide you with a selection options that will help personalise your wedding ceremony. A special day that will live long in your hearts for all the right reasons.

Say ‘I Do’ Kiss & Go

For couples who want to get married without the full traditional wedding.

Romantic & Oh So Sweet

Having a romantic Ceremony really sets the tone for your wedding day.

Classic Ceremony

A classic ceremony designed and created based on your preferences.

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